Chris Torregrossa is the founder of AZ DENTAL CPA, an Arizona based accounting firm that specializes in serving the needs of the dental community.  The firm’s mission is to “Continually seek financial solutions for the dental community and be a trusted resource for our dentists.  Research and development of financial systems and procedures unique to the dental industry coupled with an understanding of the operational issues that confront business owner results in the ability to deliver the optimum financial solution. We seek to understand the operations to provide timely and effective tax planning and seek out methods to reduce the current and future tax burden that faces the dental industry while improving profitability and cash flow”

AZ DENTAL CPA methodologies leverage the relationship between asset protection, tax planning and compliance, internal financial reporting systems and operational improvement to achieve each client’s individual and business goals.

Beyond the core services of tax planning/compliance and accounting maintenance AZ DENTAL CPA provides services tailored to the dental community: practice purchase analysis, practice expansion and business development, transition work, monitoring of financial goals and results, cash flow improvement, budgeting and individual coaching /consulting projects.

AZ DENTAL CPA is focused on the dental entrepreneur.  Challenge us to challenge you.  Whether a new dental graduate entering into the dental marketplace or the experienced dentist looking to improve their practice management our proven systems give you the information you need when you need it.  For all our clients, our goal is improving the dental entrepreneur’s financial knowledge base.

Chris has lectured at dental schools, associations, societies conventions and study groups.  Presentations in the areas of embezzlement protection, practice improvement, financial systems, tax planning, practice purchase and multi-location/ownership of dental offices.

Chris graduated from the University of Denver School of Accountancy with a bachelor of Science in Accounting in 1981.  Upon graduation, he worked at the international accounting firm Deloitte and subsequently in to other regional accounting firms.  Chris became a licensed CPA in the state of Colorado in 1983.  In the early 90’s Chris left public accounting and became involved with a company developing computer storage technology.  During his tenure at the company Chris was responsible for all aspects of the financial/tax reporting and taking the company public. The Company was listed on Business Week’s “Hot Growth Companies” two years in a row.  Directly reporting to the CEO, he also was responsible for the operations of the company’s foreign subsidiaries and split his duties between US and foreign operations.  He was also the Founder and Director of the Price Kong Dental Practice Group in Phoenix Arizona for 7 years a business segment specializing in providing tax and accounting services to dentists

Chris also taught accounting at the masters’ level, managed an Apple store and supervised financial and filed operations for a construction, real estate development company in Arizona.

“Challenge US to Challenge YOU”

Chris Torregrossa, Founder

Our Philosophy

With each client, we enter into a pact or an agreement, a covenant or compact.  A joint agreement of cooperation and focus, working with the client and their advisors to result in the best possible financial outcome in line with their needs and financial goals.

Our “PACT” with our clients

PACT = Personal Financial Security

  • P – Profit Improvement
  • A – Accounting Integrity
  • C –  Cash Flow Management
  • T – Tax Planning and Compliance

Our model coordinates all four financial cycles of our client’s life, both business and personal to achieve their goal of Personal Financial Security.  Or success is based on our clients success in achieving their financial goals by creating a financial system that assist them in their daily decision process to maximize their potential and limit the uncertainties in the financial decision process.